K12 Online

PHASE 1 (research)[]


  1. Organize the EDUIT, Inc. Board of Directors Board and Advisory Board -- Recuit international leaders, champions to participate in the initiative.
  2. Secure phases 1&2 funding, Including:
    1. Identify the need for K12 -- community support, leadership support
    2. Secure consultant to conduct (India, China, Korea, Japan, US) feasibility studies (FS).
    3. K12 Mock up and professional collateral (Include: 60 sec NP ad, presentation collaterals)
    4. Cover costs associated to developing the wikitube software blue prints.
    5. Cover travel and presentational costs associated with presenting and promoting the initiative globally
  3. Secure Wikitube development partners -- (initiated)

PHASE 2 (development)[]

  1. Start developing Wikitube OS platform (discuss)
  2. K12 Online start development late 2007. (discuss)
  3. Target key individuals and companies for participation as either:. (discuss)
    1. International Advisors Board
    2. K12 Initiative partner
  4. Secure development and funding partners

PHASE 3 (Roll-out)[]

  1. Beta roll-out K12 beta in pre-selected locations platform
    1. U.S. beta release date will be late 2008
    2. shooting for a presidental election tie-in/endorsement).
  2. China & India beta releases in mid 2009