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community support pages for EDUIT.organd their Global Education Movment.

“Education is a fundamental right, set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Human Rights Covenants, which have force in international law. To pursue the aim of education for all is therefore an obligation for States.” ref

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This is the K12 Online Education Initiative's Community Portal. K12 Online is overseen by a nonprofit called Eduit. The goal of K12 Online is straight forward, and very doable with current web 2.0 technology:

Flatten global K-12 education by putting online the complete K-12 courseware (initial focus will be on science and math) and present it in a simple, immersive, rewarding, fun, play-learn system; and make the material accessible via any broadband device: w:olpc, cell, pda, psp.

Eduit, Inc is creating a new type of meta user interface metawiki called Wikitube. Everything pertaining to the new project is in real-time and is housed within this wiki.

K12 Online IRC Channel: #K12

Where to start[]

Visit EDUIT, Inc. for the latest news and update. We are currenly looking for people to work on every aspect of K12 Online: /game development, Eduitu.com, /edu content development, /business & partner development, /video & podcasting, /fund raising, /board & advisory board recruitment... Interested in any of these committes please contact: mtrout [AT] eduit [DOT] org.

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